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I would like to express my gratitude to you and especially to the amazing donors that made possible that my 13-year-old daughter and I enjoyed "The beauty and the beast" dress rehearsal. This was not only the opportunity to be immersed in the magic of this show but a great time that my daughter and I had together. She was laughing and singing and having so much fun that I thought how blessed we are to have an organization like Kids up front and donors that are always aware of so many struggles that families have to overcome, giving us the joy of attending these activities. The rain was not an obstacle to have fun; it was part of the show!


He Loves Baseball!

Thank you very much for tickets to the Canadians game. Riley had a wonderful time with his Dad and brother. He loves baseball!!! They left right before the fireworks went off as Riley has high anxiety around fireworks. Paul (Rileys Dad) said that Riley is the happiest at the Canadian baseball games! Here are a couple pictures from the night. Thank you again for providing tickets so that Riley is able to get to a game!


Vancouver Rain

Thankyou so much for this opportunity you and donors gave to us. It was wonderfull. we are very happy for having this opportunity. best regards

Tina F

Beauty and The Beast

My husband and girls went to Beauty and The Beast last night in the rain! The outdoor theatre handed out poncho's and they got very wet. They had a blast! It was such a fun all around experience for them. Thank you so much for the tickets, the experience and the bonding time for my husband and our girls.

Fifth Grader

Vancouver Canadians Won!

We are very grateful that you gave us the tickets to the baseball game the other day. The ball game was exciting, and I'm so glad that the Vancouver Canadians won! The score was 7-0! All of the players tried their hardest, and we put the Spokane Indians in their place! At the end, we saw these amazing fireworks! They really popped out! Overall, the game was excellent, and again; we are very thankful. Thanks a lot Kids Up Front!

A Big Brother / Big Brother

BC Lions

I’m Tarl and I’m a Big Brother in the Big Brother program here in Vancouver . This weekend my littler brother and I received the BC Lions tickets you guys donated to us. I would like to thank you so much for the donations and let you know we had a great time at the game Thanks


Vancouver Canadians

Dear Vancouver Canadians, I am writing to thank you for donating tickets to the game to Little Mountain House because my son and his friend and father enjoyed ourselves and are on limited income so it is very much appreciated.

Executive Director / Partner Agency


I cannot express to you how many kids will benefit from this opportunity. Being involved in the education system as I have been for the past many years (14 as a School Trustee and then with the Foundation) I see how hard we work to ensure the necessities are provided, however, it is important to ensure that the "extras" aspect of their lives is also looked after so they can experience otherwise missed experiences.


IMAX Theatre

Hello from a grateful father who is raising 2 boys with special needs. I just wanted you all to know how much they enjoyed Roving Mars at the IMAX theatre. Seeing such a show inspired my guys who are faced daily with the "why me" complex to strive to reach higher and go farther even with the daily obstacles they face.

Emily Molnar
Artistic Director / Ballet BC

Amazing Response

In partnership with Kids Up Front, Ballet BC donates hundreds of tickets to its dance performances each season. As Artistic Director, I have experienced the amazing response from recipients: they have been moved, they’ve been inspired, and a whole new world has opened up to them. I hope you will join me in supporting Kids Up Front and its dedication to enriching the lives of deserving BC kids.