How We Help

Kids Up Front provides entertainment, educational and recreational opportunities to deserving children in our community, through the distribution of unused donated tickets.

Over 15 Years of Good Work | Help it Continue

We rely on financial support and ticket donations from individuals and businesses in our community.

  • Donate Funds

    Financial donations ensure Kids Up Front’s long-term financial sustainability and continued service to deserving children in our community.

  • Donate Tickets

    donate tickets
    Whether it’s a game or concert, you will be creating a smile and an unforgettable experience for a deserving children in our community.

Artistic Director / Ballet BC

Emily Molnar

In partnership with Kids Up Front, Ballet BC donates hundreds of tickets to its dance performances each season. As Artistic Director, I have experienced the amazing response from recipients: they have been moved, they’ve been inspired, and a whole new world has opened up to them. I hope you will join me in supporting Kids Up Front and its dedication to enriching the lives of deserving BC kids.