Our Mission

To provide uplifting experiences to children-in-need through the redistribution of donated tickets to arts, culture, recreation and sporting events

How We Help

We provide entertainment, educational and recreational opportunities to children through the distribution of unused tickets and by creating special events that help to heal, bond and unite

Why We Do It

Many charitable organizations provide children and families with the basic essentials of food, shelter and clothing, whereas Kids Up Front provides nourishment for the spirit, another essential element in healthy development

How It Works

We receive ticket donations from partnerships with entertainment organizations, corporations, and the general public. When tickets are available, the agencies select the kids and handle ticket distribution

Our Vision

That All Children Be Inspired Through The Power Of A Performance

In 2016


Every $10 donated on a monthly basis can help one child every month attend an event.

That might just change their life!

"I looked around and saw so many empty seats and I knew that those seats had been paid for and that those tickets were probably in somebody’s desk. I was determined to fill those seats with kids and their families that wouldn’t normally have a chance to go."

John Dalziel

Board of Directors

Our Donors and Sponsors

Major Sponsors

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Art and Culture

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