The Impact of Your Kindness

Your support is what makes us strong!

Each ticket donated is an opportunity, and every dollar changes opportunity to reality! By working together, we provide experiences to deserving children and youth in British Columbia. We believe that ALL kids should have access to enriching experiences like arts, culture, and sporting events. 

Attendance at events like these helps to foster feelings of inclusion and belonging in the children we help. By supporting us, we know that you share our vision of a world in which all kids have access to enriching experiences and you are making a difference! Just take a look at the photos, comments, and stats below so far for the year of 2019 – this is all you! 

So from Kids Up Front, and on behalf of the thousands of children, youth, and families that we serve – thank you!

-The Team at Kids Up Front Foundation (Vancouver)

*updated Nov 8, 2019

I wasn't able to buy my daughter any birthday presents this year, but when I told her we were going to the concern, she didn't care. She screamed she was so excited. She has idolized JoJo for over a year. Thank you so much. We met the donor on site and chatted, and the kids had such a nice time, and they gave us some extra swag. I can't tell you how much my daughter loved it. We got home super late and woke up feeling like it was a dream. THANK YOU!
JoJo Siwa Concert
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This was a first-time concert experience for most of the participants and they had an amazing experience! Chaperones felt it was a wonderful family event and really enjoyed themselves as well. Apparently, there was lots of singing in the car on the way home. Many thanks again to Kids Up Front!!
Options Community Services
Pentatonix Concert
Everybody who attended the game had a great time and were very appreciative of the experience. As I was working the event that night, I was personally able to come down and see how engaged and happy our students and their families were.
Grandview Elementary School
BC Lions
  • I am writing to send a very heartfelt thank you for the Pentatonix tickets. I will also be sending a thank you note/card with the enclosed picture and words directly to Kids Up Front at the Vancouver address you kindly provided.

    My daughter was THRILLED to see this live show. It was her first big concert and we were always hesitant to pay for tickets as we never knew if she would tolerate the entire performance. She was amazing though and sat through both opening acts and the Pentatonix! She had such big smiles. One of the highlights was actually when Rachel Platten sang “Fight Song” which was a very meaningful song for our family. My daughter insisted we stand up and dance along. :) The last song of the night was “Hallelujah” and this is a song she sings with the MayDay Youth Choir for Neurodiversity, and my daughter was riveted. She was attended at the concert by myself and my parents who were visiting from Alberta. To top it all off, it was my 40th birthday that exact day. It was a real gift to get to attend the concert and I cannot thank the Kids Up Front organization enough for this opportunity. You honestly made a big difference to my daughter. I know your donors will have good karma!

    Richmond Society for Community Living

    Pentatonix Concert
  • Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter (social worker) Hilary took 3 siblings for an afternoon at Playland. The kids are 14, 13, and 9. They all had a blast!! 

    A big part of the work done in this program has to do with building strong relationships with the children and youth we serve; this type of activity encourages the children to let loose and have fun with their recruiter which, in turn encourages them to trust and open up to the worker. 

    Adoptive Families Association of BC

  • Thank you Kids Up Front and Richmond Society for Community Living for providing us tickets to the Ranch! 

    Riley had a blast with his Dad seeing behind the scenes of the movies. He came home and told me all about the wrestling match and said it was a dream come true for him to see that live as he has always wanted to go to a wrestling match!! He enjoyed this day to the fullest and so did his Dad! This trip has fueled his dreams of becoming a star. 

    Thank you again for giving us opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. We appreciate you! 

    Have a wonderful weekend! 

    Richmond Society for Community Living

    A Day at the Ranch
  • The recipients were very grateful for the opportunity to go to the football game. Each set of tickets provided was given to different types of recipients, who all appreciated the tickets in various ways. Two groups of recipients were large family groups who may otherwise find it very financially difficult to ake that many people to a game. Another set of recipients appreciated the tickets and indicated that it gives him and his friend something to do, as they are just starting to hang out together. Another family who were recipients of the tickets said that they are loving going to football games as a family and it has peaked their young sons interest to start playing football. He has joined a team this past year!

    Options Community Services Society

    BC Lions Game
  • Absolutely amazing concert! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our young people! Thank you so very very much to [donor]! We don’t know you but feel your love and generosity by sharing these tickets to those who would have never ever been able to enjoy this event without your generous donation! [Donor] and Kids Up Front, you have made this a very very special event! Thank you! Thank You!

    Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education

    Elton John Concert
  • I want to thank Kids Up Front again for the amazing opportunity for us to go out as a family of 5 at no cost to us. We had an awesome time at the BC Lions Football game. My kids enjoyed it so much (even though it was a brutal loss) hahaha. My daughter at the end of the game got 4 football gloves from the football players. It was super amazing. Definitely a memory they will always have. Thank you again for the amazing family night out! 

    Richmond Society for Community Living

    BC Lions
  • I wanted to write you today to express my extreme gratitude for providing my children and I with a wonderful family evening. We were gifted with your generosity an opportunity to attend a BC Lions game on Friday September 13th, 2019. These are experiences that make lasting positive memories for us! 

    We are very thankful for this opportunity. I have attached a couple of pictures, our smiles say it all! 

    Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association

    BC Lions
We cannot thank you enough for these opportunities that Kids Up Front offers us. With a large family of 9, events can become expensive. This allows us to experience activities you offer and then we are able to explore another event because of your generosity giving us tickets. The boys that are in our family has had such trauma in their lives this is a great way for them to escape and enjoy events... Thank you for that and putting smiles on their faces!!
BC Federation of Foster Parent Association
BC Lions Home Opener
As no photos are allowed during the show, one mom said she has been describing the beautiful event to everyone since last night and is still telling people about it today. She says she doesn't know how to fully express the beauty she witnessed last night - "the symphony, the beautiful costumes, the young children dancers, and the owner coming out to talk about how many hours the dancers put in for the show"... She was so pleased that her special-needs son sat through the whole show and loved every moment of it. The girls loved it very much and was so happy for this opportunity to be out and enjoying something they cannot afford otherwise!
Dixon Transition Society
Goh Ballet