Our Partners


Kids Up Front makes a difference in the lives of children and youth in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. We rely on the generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses throughout the community to donate tickets, money and time to create opportunities for kids. Many businesses help make the distribution process possible and support our core programs and day-to-day-operations – allowing Kids Up Front to maximize our reach and potential.

Making a difference and creating memories requires more than just one organization. Kids Up Front is successful in providing thousands of kids with great experiences, thanks to its network of partner agencies operating within education, health and the community-service sectors. Together, we add great value to the value of child and family services through the Calgary region. Kids Up Front greatly appreciates the work of our agency partners who coordinate appropriate supervision, travel and other logistics for a child’s and/or family’s participation in our experiences.

If you are a program serving kids and families in the Vancouver area and you are not on our list, please download our Kids Up Front Agency Agreement or contact our office at at
P: 604-266-5437
E: vancouver@kidsupfront.com